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Learn to Design and Build Games

Making games can be as simple as playing your own “house rules” version of Rock Paper Scissors. Making video games is usually far more complicated. The intent of this book and included resources is to get close to that simple approach: play and change a video game to make it your own.

50 achievements await, including 5 extra difficult CHALLENGE ACHIEVEMENTS. All 50 achievements help you track your progress learning and exploring.


Includes a working game and code samples.

200 ebook pages of fun!

50 achievements!

Achievements including 5 extra difficult CHALLENGE ACHIEVEMENTS

The code has a very open MIT license.

The book and images have a very open

Creative Commons license, great for using in a classroom setting.

Choose Your Path

Each level prompts you to choose your own path!

Links in the book make it easy to focus on the topics you choose.

10 Levels (book chapters) to explore!

Topics include game design, web development basics, learning to code, learning to change the look, sound, and behavior of the game Underwater Tomato Ninja.


LEVEL 1: Introduction

LEVEL 2: Instructions and Setup

LEVEL 3: Play and Question the Game

LEVEL 4: Code is Communication

LEVEL 5: Introduction to Game Design

LEVEL 6: Inside the Game Engine

LEVEL 7: Creating Art, Sound, and Text for a Game

LEVEL 8: Further Into The Game Engine

LEVEL 9: Advanced Animation

LEVEL 10: Reflecting on what we’ve learned